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Selected Candidates

Dear G & GC School candidates and thesis advisors


The following candidates have been selected to attend the first Advanced School on Glasses and Glass-Ceramics! Please click in the following links to download the lists.

i) 50 full grants for foreign students (air tickets + 4*hotel accommodation in double rooms + breakfast + lunch)

Download here.

(This document has two pages of names)

ii)24 partial grants (4*hotel accommodation in double rooms + breakfast)

Download here.

iii)35 full grants for Brazilian students (air tickets + 4*hotel accommodation in double rooms + breakfast + lunch)

*Residents in São Carlos and Araraquara will not receive a full grant.

Download here.

  All the other candidates that do not appear in one of the lists above have been turned down because they did not fit to the School criteria, did not reach the required score or have submitted incomplete documentation.

  Some IMPORTANT actions are now needed from the selected candidates:

Foreign candidates selected for full grants: please confirm your interest by sending an email to and with: 

  • the departure airport - your  destination airport will be Guarulhos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 
  • A copy of  the first page of your passport. Also check with a Brazilian embassy in your country if you need a VISA to enter and stay in Brazil to attend the "School" for ten days.

     Candidates that do not respond until March 15th will be replaced by others that have been approved for the partial grants.

     After you get the required VISA, we will purchase your air tickets for the period July 31- August 9 (all countries except Asia); July 30- August 9 (Asian countries)

Candidates selected for partial grants: Please confirm if you or some sponsor of yours are willing to purchase your air tickets to and from Brazil. In the positive case, please send us all the docs listed above until March 15th.

These documents are required for your registration at the School and also for the invitation letters that we will send for your VISA application.

    We are very excited about the excellent candidates selected and look forward to hearing from you soon.


 Profs. Zanotto, Andreeta & Eckert