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Solucionado o enigma das ‘lágrimas holandesas’, 400 anos depois

Por que as ‘gotas do príncipe Rupert’ são extremamente fortes na cabeça, mas muito frágeis na cauda JOANA OLIVEIRA 12 MAI 2017 - 00:47

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Nominations open for three prestigious glass awards: Stookey, Morey, Kreidl

There are three glass-related awards that have a January 21, 2017 nomination deadline, so please consider submitting a nomination!

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DEMa desenvolve vidro para proteção balística

A busca por mais segurança ampliou o mercado de produtos de proteção, dentre os quais destaca-se a blindagem em automóveis. As janelas usadas em veículos blindados são feitas com camadas alternadas de vidros e materiais poliméricos. [Read more]

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Gorilla Glass 5 will soon make your smartphone screen a lot stronger

New York glass maker Corning has unveiled the latest iteration of Gorilla Glass, which the company claims is four times as likely to survive a fall from waist or shoulder height as its competitors. [Read more]

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Celebrating a Century of Glass Technology - Professor John Parker

Last year the ovenware product Pyrex celebrated its centenary. 1915 was also the year when WES Turner began a mission to revolutionise the UK Glass Industry. [Read more]

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Luminaries of The American Ceramic Society presents past-president David Pye

ACerS latest video series, “Luminaries of The American Ceramic Society,” is an interview series designed to inspire ceramic and glass professionals of the past, present, and future by sharing the career stories of some of the industry’s greatest contributors. [Read more]

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Novel luminescent nanoparticles embedded into glass pave way for high-tech future

Glass—where would modern life as we know it be without this miracle material? Glass keeps us safer on the roads, turns windows into power sources, and enables land speed record attempts, among so many other impressive feats. [Read more]

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