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‘An iPhone formed from glass’—New slate of Apple smartphones feature glass front and back faces
Florida company eyes closed LaFayette Hills golf course for 'energy glass' factory
3D-printing of glass now possible
April 21, 2017
Gorilla Glass 5 will soon make your smartphone screen a lot stronger
New York glass maker Corning has unveiled the latest iteration of Gorilla Glass, which the company claims is four times as likely to survive a fall from waist or shoulder height as its competitors. [Read more]
Novel luminescent nanoparticles embedded into glass pave way for high-tech future
Glass—where would modern life as we know it be without this miracle material? Glass keeps us safer on the roads, turns windows into power sources, and enables land speed record attempts, among so many other impressive feats. [Read more]
BioMin bioglass toothpaste may better protect sensitive teeth and find its way into US market
Flexible Glass Could Bring Back the Flip Phone
Nanostructured glass eternally stores high volumes of data in 5-D
Ceramic and glass materials prove Einstein was right, help detect gravitational waves in breakthrough discovery
Vitrocerâmica poderá substituir as telas atuais dos smartphones
Rare earth-doped glass boosts lasers, tests experimental theories at National Ignition Facility
Agência de Inovação da UFSCar licencia vidros bioativos desenvolvidos na universidade para empresa de cerâmicas de alta tecnologia
Inspired by tardigrades: Vapor deposition creates molecular order in glass
Agência de Inovação licencia produto cerâmico desenvolvido na universidade
Keep your cool—New glass-based paint could take the heat off outdoor metal structures
3D printing reaches the final materials frontier—Micron3DP innovates in glass
Nanostructuring glass–ceramics controls their electromagnetic properties
Consórcio internacional aprova início da construção do megatelescópio GMT
Novo pote de ketchup promete fim àquele restinho no fundo
Rubbery Glass Arrives