Advisory Board

Continuous feedback from scientific leaders in academia and industry, both within Brazil and worldwide, is an essential part of the process of developing new, and applicationrelevant glass science and technology. Therefore, we have appointed an International Advisory Board, consisting of highly distinguished and internationally renowned glass scientists to guide our actions in an efficient manner and to evaluate the performance of the center at regular intervals. The combined expertise of these researchers covers all the key fields of the present research project (structure, crystallization, mechanical, optical, electrical and chemical properties of glasses and glass-ceramics). The Scopus database indicates that many of the below listed persons are among the world’s most prolific with the keyword “glass*”.

Industry researchers

Arun Varshneya, Saxon Glass, EUA

Leon Glebov, Optigrate, EUA

Bruce Aitken, Corning Inc., EUA

Mark Davis, Schott, EUA

Shingo Nakane, Nippon Electric Glass, Japão

Markus Rampf, Ivoclar, AG, Liechtenstein

Kei Maeda, AGC, Japão

Academic researchers

Steve Martin, Iowa State University, EUA

Richard Brow, MST, EUA

Himanshu Jain, Lehigh University

Takayuki Komatsu, Nagaoka University, Japão

Younes Messaddeq, Laval University, Quebec, Canadá

Josef Zwanziger, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canadá

Vladimir Fokin, Vavilov State Optical Institute, Rússia

Y. Yue, Aalborg University, Dinamarca

Long Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Optical and Fine

Mechanics, China

Aldo Boccaccini, Erlangen University, Alemanha

Joachim Deubener, Clausthal University, Alemanha

Dusan Galusek, Trenchin, Slovak Republic

Christian Rüssel, Jena, Alemanha

Annie Pradel, University of Montpellier, França

Jean-Luc Adam, University of Rennes, França

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