Corning’s Willow Glass will be available by the end of 2013 or early 2014

Possibly heading to Apple’s iWatch

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Yesterday at Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing Summit, Corning’s Dr. Waguih Ishak, a vice president for Corning West Technology Centerdiscussed - Willow Glass. Willow Glass is an ultra-slim flexible glass, which could revolutionize the shape and form of next-generation consumer electronic technologies.

According to a report by BusinessInsider, Dr. Waguih Ishak, stated that the glass would be available for devices by the end of 2013 or early 2014. Tech blogger Robert Scoble joined Ishak on stage during the presentation and advocate the use of Willow Glass in future wrist-watch devices, according to the report.

“If I’m Tim Cook at Apple, I’d be looking at that for a watch with a flexible surface, a display with touch-sensor applications,” Scoble is quoted as saying.

Rumors of an iWatch device from Apple has been doing the rounds over the last several months. These were mainly fueled by a Nick Bilton of The New York Times reported in February. And this iWatch patent published by the USPTO.

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