Most Downloaded Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids Articles

The most downloaded articles from Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids in

the last 90 days (Feb. 20, 2018)

1- The glassy state of matter: Its definition and ultimate fate, September 2017, Edgar D. Zanotto (LAMAV) John C. Mauro.

2- Review: the structure of simple phosphate glasses, March 2000, Richard K Brow (MEMBER OF CERTEV IAB).

3- An overview on silica aerogels synthesis and different mechanical reinforcing strategies, February 2014, Hajar Maleki L,isa Durães, António Portugal.

4- Ionic amorphous oxide semiconductors: Material design, carrier transport, and device application, 15 June 2006, Hideo Hosono.

5- Formation, structure and properties of fluoro-sulfo-phosphate poly-anionic glasses, December 2017, Quyen Huyen Le, Theresia Palenta, Omar Benzine, Kristin Griebenow, Rene Limbach, Efstratios I. Kamitsos, Lothar Wondraczek.

6- Electrical conductivity of silicate glasses with tetravalent cations substituting Si, 15 October 2012, M.L. Braunger, C.A. Escanhoela, I. Fier, L. Walmsley , E.C. Ziemath(EX- POST DOC AT LAMAV).

7- Applications for silica aerogel products, April 1998, M Schmidt, F Schwertfeger

8- Aerogel applications, April 1998, Lawrence W. Hrubesh.

9- Glass-forming region and optical properties of the TeO2 – ZnO – NiO system, 1 January 2018. O.A. Zamyatin, M.F. Churbanov, J.A. Medvedeva, S.A. Gavrin, E.V. Zamyatina, A.D. Plekhovich.

10- Strain-rate sensitivity of glasses, 15 November 2014, Rene Limbach, Bruno P. Rodrigues (EX-LAMAV), Lothar Wondraczek.

11- Crystal growth and viscous flow in barium disilicate glass, 1 January 2018, Alisson M. Rodrigues, Daniel R. Cassar, Vladimir M. Fokin, Edgar Dutra Zanotto.

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