Ongoing Projects

Basic Research Projects

  • On the validity of CNT and other nucleation theories - σ(r,T); effect of stresses, metastable phase formation, compositional shifts…
  • Trends in homo/heterogeneous nucleation in glasses - structure vs. nucleation mechanism
  • Glass forming ability versus stability
  • Understanding the breakdown of the SE equation for diffusion at ~1.1-1.2Tg
  • Glass relaxation & crystallization – Kauzman’s paradox at ~ 0.5Tg ?
  • Sintering with concurrent crystallization

Exploratory Applied Research

  • Bioactive GC for dental and medical use – Vitrovita
  • Glass fibers for cement reinforcement – Infibra / Vitrovita
  • Photo-thermo-crystallization PTRG – OptiGrate
  • LGLTGC – Phillips, Netherlands (testing)
  • GC Armours, CTA
  • Dental GC, Ivoclar & SmartDENT (submitted)
  • Chemically strenghned glass- Saxon Glass (submitted)
  • Sintered GC / GC tiles
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