Classes and Courses

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Ended courses

Glass Properties Course

The 2nd Virtual Glass Course - a Cooperative Course Taught by glass experts from nine US universities

Semester Length Glass Courses and Glass Schools

FUNCTIONAL GLASSES: Properties & Applications for Energy and Information

  • Atomistic Modeling of Glass Structure & Glass Properties
    Mini interactive web course. Fall Semester 2013
  • Glass In Energy
    Mini interactive web course January 17-March 1, 2012
  • Chalcogenide Glasses Course
    Mini interactive web course January 17- March 9, 2011
  • Glass Relaxation Course
    Multi Instructional Team Teaching (M.I.T.T): Relaxation Processes in Glass (web-based Jan 19- April29, 2010)
  • US- China Winter School China 2010
    A series of 15 lectures from international experts from US, China and France
  • Optical and Photonic Glasses by Prof. Rui Almeida
    There are 39 forty-five minute lectures delivered at Lehigh University in Spring 2005. To see the complete listing of all lectures, please click the link above.
  • Characterization and Structure of Glasses - A more advanced series of 26 ninety minute lectures by glass experts from six different universities. Course was delivered in the Spring 2007 semester.
    US Japan Winter School - Thirteen international experts from Japan, US, Brazil and France lecture on application focused glass science topics. The lectures include 35 separate videos.
  • Properties of Glass - This series of 27 ninety minute lectures covers the properties of glass by glass experts from nine different universities. Course was delivered Fall 2008.